Very Interesting And Funny Facts From Your Favourite Throwback Music Videos

Behind every music video is a story!

Not the storyline in the video but some very interesting stories on why or how something contributed to the success of the video…or not.

These are some really popular music videos we all know and they’ve each got a secret we bet you didn’t know!

Get ready to shout “Eeeii” and “oh wow!”

Imagine finding out you have been sacked from a job…through a music video!

Destiny’s Child gave us her Royal Highness, Beyonce and we will forever be grateful but lol the girl group wasn’t always Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. They were Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Robertson.

LeToya and LaTavia were a part of the song ‘Say My Name’ but the music video excluded them. There were issues between them and the other girls but they only realized they had been kicked out from the group when the music video dropped and they saw Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin (who would leave the group later) performing their parts of the song!! LMAO!

When your love interest in a music video is actually your cousin!

Remember this song?? “hit me baby one more time!!”  let us borst your mind small. The guy who acted as her love interest in the music video was her real-life cousin. Why Britney??? Why?? Why your cousin?

The single ladies video broke high heels and it took them over a month to learn the dance moves!

Everyone loves Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ song and one of the most memorable parts about it is the choreography!! so AWESOME!!!! It literally took Beyonce a month and a half to learn the choreography to the song. Apparently they did the routine about 50 times and people’s heels (yes, the heels of the shoes) broke from dancing so hard!!!

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“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” but you don’t even like milkshakes smh

The song that gave us the popular “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!!” was all the rave in the early 2000s. It has been sampled so many times and reused by different artistes a lot of times but…here’s some news for you. The artiste, Kelis doesn’t even like milkshakes in real-life so…how was she getting the boys into the yard???

Mariah Carey’s recycled gown

Mariah Carey was Queen and lol, in this particular song, We Belong Together’ the wedding scene in the video…hmm, she wore her real wedding gown from her failed marriage to Tommy Mottola in 1993. She actually wanted to bur the gown in the video ut, the director didn’t want to risk setting her on fire.

Missy Elliot was drunk while shooting “Work It”

The icon gave us badass videos all the time and on this particular one, she got drunk while it was being shot lol. The director revealed that he kept replacing Missy’s glass with alcohol instead of water and they had to shoot that scene about 7 times from different angles. Maybe that’s why the video is so lit lol!!

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The perfect music videos we always see have a story behind it and…it’d be great to have every artiste blow our minds with all the hidden secrets and stories around some of their music videos!!

Maybe we’d investigate a couple of Ghanaian music videos too!!

Send us some hints!

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