#ThrowbackMusic: Reasons Why Every Woman Was In Love With Kwabena Kwabena

Kwabena Kwabena has the voice of an angel and it doesn’t help at all that he mostly sings about love!

Everyone was in love with him, especially the ladies because we love a man with a good voice!!

The voice plus his choice of music gets us in our feelings every single time!!

It’s another Thursday and we just have to appreciate another music legend!

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Remember this song??? It is a heartbreak song but we jammed to it and we still do!! If you’ve had your girl snatched before, we know you feel the song on a very personal level! Everyone knows the words to this song charle!

Adult Music

What a dirty song!!! Samini as a feature was worth it because let’s face it, Samini was king of dirty songs back in the day lol. The video was so suggestive and to be honest, even though it was a dirty song, it was a romantic dirty song. Right?

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Obi do wo aa do no bi

This song was made for the Perfect Picture movie which starred Chris Attoh, Lydia Forson, Jackie Appiah and more. The song actually hit more than the movie itself which was also a huge success!!

Royal Lady

We all know the words to this song too right? Such a beautiful love song! We bet some of you wrote the lyrics just to send to the love of your life in some senior high school somewhere. LOL


His voice was extra sweet and smooth here, we don’t care what anyone says!!!! Ladies, would you say no to a guy who sings this song in this very same voice to you just to propose??? HELL NO!!


Wow, Kwabena Kwabena! It’s a love song but lol the inuendos…we caught all of them like we are David De Gea!!

Dadie Anoma

The only song that can comfort you while you lay in bed, missing your long-distance boyfriend/girlfriend. Kwabena Kwabena singing in Ewe in this song made us decide that yhup, Ewe is the sexiest language next to French!!

Kwabena Kwabena was King of love songs and we definitely stan an amazing artiste!!

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