These 7 Tips For Every Virgin Bride Will Help Make Your Wedding Night Memorable

GHANA, ACCRA - Couple Kobby and Shari share an intimate moment with their young child. CREDIT: Yagazie Emezi
GHANA, ACCRA - Couple Kobby and Shari share an intimate moment with their young child. CREDIT: Yagazie Emezi

Almost every lady looks forward to their wedding night. It is looked forward to more if she is a virgin and hopes to break the virginity that night.

There will be a lot of questions going through her mind; ‘Will I bleed?’ or ‘Who will make the first move?’ and nothing can calm her excited nerves although her experienced friends would fill her with helpful advice.

Here are some tips to help out.


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Calm down. We understand that you don’t know what to expect but you should relax. The more tense you are, the harder it will be for you to enjoy it.

It might not happen that particular night

This is the truth. There is a chance you might not even sleep in the same room with your new husband. Even if you do saf you guys will be too tired to try anything. There will be some cuddling here and there but nothing major.

Don’t rush penetration

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Yes, it might seem like sex is all about penetration but its more of foreplay. That’s where you can explore each other’s bodies and know what turns you on. Foreplay also gives you the chance as a girl to get wet enough for penetration.

Get lube

You guys should have lube because there is a chance you might not be wet enough for penetration and it will hurt. Lube is the best option to make everything easy and enjoyable.

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You Might not bleed

This is an old mentality and it needs to disappear. There is a good chance that when you’re having sex finally on your wedding night you will not bleed and that’s perfectly fine. Your hymen tears (not breaks- hymens don’t break) when doing some vigorous physical activities like cycling or horse riding.

It will be a little painful

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We are telling you this so you psyche your mind up. Since this is the first time, you might experience a little pain but it gets better with time. If you have lube it makes it easier.

You can get pregnant

Yup! Even that first time so if you guys know you aren’t ready for a baby just yet, use protection!

If the guy you’re marrying is experienced, you might not have any problem at all. Remember to relax and enjoy everything as it happens.

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