Tekashie 6ix9ine Is Reportedly Not Interested In Witness Protection Program

6ix9ine is reportedly not interested in entering the United States Federal Witness Protection Program following his release.

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At least, that’s the word from TMZ, who said Thursday that “sources close” to 6ix9ine have informed them that he plans to “forgo any participation” in the program. Instead, the report added, 6ix9ine is aiming to live quite publicly by attempting to resume his work as a recording artist.

Image result for tekashi 69 performing
Tekashie 69, when he was a free man and flourishing in his music career

For safety, the report claims that 6ix9ine is planning to pay for a 24/7 security team, with the added hope that his continued recording career will help carry the costs of such an undertaking.

The Witness Protection Program possibly has been heavily discussed in recent weeks, with the issue of 6ix9ine’s identity-announcing tattoos receiving concentrated interest. Flash Lab Laser Suite founder Kelly Rheel told Complex earlier this month that his best option for tattoo removal would have been PicoSure laser tattoo removal, known as the most advanced and effective option for laser-based treatment.

a sketch of Tekashie 6ix9ine in court

“You’re looking at a year-long process, minimum,” Rheel told Complex. “That’s why a witness protection program for this gentleman might be a little tricky unless he gets a really good concealer. Plenty of dancers and models get really great makeup that covers up their tattoos while they’re undergoing removal.”

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Witness Protection Program or not, 6ix9ine recently said on the stand that he’s expecting to be released as early as 2020.

Source: Complex

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