Now Even Science Says Having A Sibling Is Good For You

Having a sibling is the biggest joy in life. That is the reason most parents feel that having two kids makes the family complete. Most parents marvel at the sight of watching their kids develop a special relationship and grow together.

Growing up with a sibling gives you a special bond for life. Not only does it teach you important life skills, but siblings are also your best friend from childhood to adulthood.

Moreover, there is no one in the world who understands you better than your sibling, because they were a part of your story, like no other. Apart from all the sibling rivalry, petty arguments, we all cherish our bond with our siblings.

A professor at Brigham Young University studied 395 families who had more than one kid; with at least one child falling in the age group of 10 to years. While assessing the data, she realised that having a sister, younger or older, help the sibling deal with ‘harmful adopting behaviours, like hesitance and fearfulness’.

Another finding of the study revealed that when siblings fight, it offers them an opportunity to learn how to make up after an argument and to take control of emotions.

Growing up with sisters helps you prevent negative internalising behaviour. These include the feeling of loneliness, guilt, fear and self-consciousness. Such internalising behaviours can manifest negative attitudes and may lead to abusing of food, substance abuse, depression and even self-harm in extreme cases.

A sister’s presence helps the sibling to cope with the issues in a more positive manner.

Sisters make you better at communicating your feelings and conflict resolution too.

A loving siblings relationship promotes charitable attitudes, that even loving parents cannot. Many a times it also leads to better performances and being more affectionate.


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