We Can’t Stop Laughing!!! Here Are 8 Funny Names Skinnyman Has Blessed Us With

If you are on social media, you have definitely seen some of these videos around.

The extremely hilarious videos of animals doing and saying the most!

The videos are usually done by Skinnyman. Okay, not the videos but he does the voiceovers and that is what makes the video pricelessly funny!

Aside from the fact that he says the most accurate things to fit the videos, he has the weirdest and funniest nicknames every single time!!!

If you are wondering, just like we did, we spoke to Skinnyman and asked about how he gets the ideas for these ridiculous names and his response was “some of the names are real…”

“And some of them, I create myself”

If you haven’t noticed, here are some of the funniest names we cannot forget in a hurry!

Odomagyinga the punisher!

Alogorzor the LAZY roommate!

Bongo Wakiki dey stress pass!

Rebe and Condemn

Kwabre loooves the ladies

Apoo Neke, the lover of dead meat

Agompia never listens!

Ozigiza and the Tourist

He’s funny right??? Lol follow him on Twitter (@Skinnymann_), Instagram (@Skinnymann_) and Youtube (@Skinnymann)


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