Here Are Some Tips If You Have Stomach Issues And You’re Considering Eating Out


If you’re eating at home, you’re fine. You and your family members know what will cause your stomach issues so you don’t have to be too worried.

The problem comes when you have to go out and eat and you can’t figure out what to do to prevent your stomach problems.

We gotchu.

Check their menu online

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This is your best option. Once you check them out you know what you can eat and what you shouldn’t. Oh! And it helps you budget your money as well. Win-win.

Stick to what’s familiar

Whether you find their online menu or not, stick to what is familiar. You don’t need to go food exploring. If it’s only fries that you can eat on the list, go ahead and eat it.

Be careful with your drinks

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Avoid drinking too much with your meal (even water), because doing so can lead to bloating and diarrhoea. Rather, you need to get into the habit of drinking water before your meal and save alcoholic drinks for later. Alcohol can irritate the gut and lead to pain and diarrhoea, so it’s helpful to keep your intake low.

Eat before going

Lol, we don’t mean eat heavy foods like banku/fufu oo; we mean you should take some snacks before going. Going out with friends when you’re starving and then eating a large meal is a surefire way to cause digestive drama.

Watch your diet 24 hours before the outing day

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Food takes up to 8 hours to digest through the stomach and small intestine before another 24 hours to go through the colon. So if you’re going out on Friday and want to alleviate as many digestive-themed worries as possible, be extra diligent about avoiding trigger foods starting as early as Thursday.

We hope these helped you out.

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