Ghana School Of Law Entrance Exams: Mass Failure Recorded

Ghana School of Law

The Ghana School of Law has recorded yet another case of mass examination failure only months after a similar one was witnessed which saw more than half of the candidates for the Bar exams failing.

This time around, the mass failure was recorded at the entrance exams.

Of the nearly 1,820 prospective students, only 128 reportedly passed the entrance examination.

A notice at the school on Tuesday showed that more than 90 per cent of those who sat for the entrance exam failed to obtain the requisite marks to secure admission.

This is not the first time such a high number of candidates had failed in the School of Law entrance.

Though the results are yet to be contested by any of the students, they show a sharp decline in the numbers admitted into the School in previous years.

In 2017, 500 students were admitted into the School, slightly higher than the 450 students in 2016.

Again, there are still major public concerns about legal education in Ghana and with some persons calling for a thorough probe into circumstances leading to such volume of failures annually.

A journalist and the convener for the coalition of reformation of legal education in Ghana, Ken Kuranchie earlier this year filed a suit in court over the same matter.

Among the reliefs, he was seeking the scrapping of the entrance exam.

Ken Kuranchie and other persons vocally advocated for reforms in the legal education system to enable more people to get access to legal education.

But the Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo, in a recent public address suggested that opening it up to more people will compromise the quality of legal education.

Sophia Akuffo earlier this year cautioned the General Legal Council to be wary of the mass number of students admitted into the Ghana School of Law.

“Those of you lawyers and those of your lecturers who are busy advocating free scale, mass admissions into the professional law course, and mass production of lawyers, to be careful what you wish for. So long as I have anything to do with it, it won’t happen. Just like you can’t mass produce doctors and surgeons, Ghanaians must not have mass-produced lawyers imposed on them,” she said.

source: citinewsroom

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