#CoupChallenge: Here Is How Ghanaians “Neutralized” The Coup D’etat Scare With A Challenge

Ghanaians love to play with everything and we have evidence to show.

After the alleged Coup, Ghanaians took to twitter to express their concern in a more humorous way this led to the genesis of the #CoupChallenge.

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We live in a country where we have experienced peace during the 4th Republic. It will tarnish the image of Ghana to our international partners if a Coup D’etat occurs in Ghana. Twitter users took to Twitter to “neutralize” the whole Coup scare with a Challenge #CoupChallenge.

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The whole mentality about the #Coupchallenge is to post pictures of things found at home that do not cause damage to used as a weapon. This is because the items the supposed Coup plotters planned to use were minimal and less threating objects, Hence the challenge.



Now over to you, Ghanaians!!!!!

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