The Origin Of The Sagging Pants Name OttoPfister

The Ghanaian football scene has seen a number of coaches influencing the Ghanaian society in many ways.

One coach who will forever be remembered because his name was used in place of fashion.

Otto Martin Pfister one of Ghana’s former coaches influenced the name from sagging pants to his name OttoPfister. The reason for this change of name is due to the fact that the coach always had sagging pants during every match. Sagging pants is a common fashion that has been around for quite some time.

There was no clear or definitive name for the fashion until the coach came into the scene.

Coach Otto Pfister headed the Ghanaian team from 1992–1993.

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This name, however, is known only to Ghanaians even though the Coach had coached some African countries such as Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Togo.

He is one of Germany’s most successful coaching exports.

He was voted Africa’s manager of the year.

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He has also won the U19 African Cup of Nations with Ivory Coast and led Togo in the 2006 World Cup. Pfister also qualified for 1998 FIFA World Cup with Saudi Arabia.

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Pfister gained his coaching certificates in Magglingen in the 1960s and later studied further in Cologne.

Pfister is a UEFA Pro License holder, has a Bundesliga license for professional football coaching and is an Instructor for FIFA and German Football Association professional football coaching courses.

In 2001, Pfister was awarded the Order of Merit of the Confederation of African Football as well as a German Football Federation Honors Award.

In Ghana, the slang “Rules with an Iron-Pfister” is often used to refer to his coaching style.


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