Lol, These Chickens Look Chic In Their Knitted Outfits

According to, there are designers who are actually knitting cute outfits for chickens this fall.

In Ghana, there’s no fall so…our chickens are definitely not feeling cold.

But wait, we have all these rains and if we feel cold, or dogs feel cold…then the chickens probably feel cold too! Does anyone care?

Not really.

All we want is that chicken, killed, roasted, fried or cooked in soup for us to eat.

There’s no way we would ever think of getting outfits for our chickens!

But lol check out these chickens who are living the life, staying warm and looking chic!!!


Adorable? Annoying? or just plain hilarious?

Lol, all these pictures are from ETSY, a website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies, where they are all for sale and ready to be shipped!!

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