Three New Songs From Ms Fu You Need To Hear ASAP!

New music gives us life and Ms Fu is out here trying to keep us alive!

Last year, we introduced y’all to her… remember the name?? EL featured her on BAR V and if you listened to it without asking who’s that young lady going in hard on that beat… you didn’t listen to the project at all!!

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Ms Fu recently started a thing where every Thursday, she drops new music. Very important because she’s a great artiste… the kind you want to keep listening to.

Three weeks ago, she dropped ‘Energy’. Which was a great start to her weekly new music drops because…  whew! ‘Energy’ is the kind of song every girl needs to play every morning to remind themselves that they’re all that and more! It’s got elements of trap to it and the switch from English to patois is all we needed to lose our home training!! The song is the perfect “boost your confidence” song and the fact that it’s from another woman… it’s our anthem now, Ladies!

Her second release, ‘Dear Human’ reminds us of a Kendrick Lamar track. It’s got that double voice thing that makes you feel it’s a conversation between the artiste and her thoughts. It’s the kind of song that you’d relate to if you’re going through life and all it’s stress. The need to catch up with life, make it, blow… it’s endless.

Most young people are at a stage in their lives where they need constant reassurance and Ms Fu does that in “Dear Human”. Sh*t happens…she understands and she’s got some words to help you get back on track.

‘Do Not Disturb’ is her third Thursday drop and listen… it is a whole mood. Time no dey and we are all busy chasing money… too busy trying to make it to get involved in trivial and frivolous stuff right?? ‘Do Not Disturb’ is the shortest out of the tracks she’s dropped so far and the message plus the length make the ‘Time No Dey for long talk’ message much louder! Maybe we are excited over this because we can relate a thousand times but… can you not???

It’s hard finding dope females killing the rap thing and if you ask us, Ms Fu is someone everyone needs to pay attention to.

It’s basically a new week which means this Thursday she’s dropping something else and we are very curious to see what else she’s got for us!

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