How A Journalist Turned Into A Viral Meme On Social Media!

You have definitely seen or used this meme these past few days.

The meme that is going viral on social media

We rarely know where these things come from but they go viral and we enjoy using them!

This is how this meme came about!

Meet Simon Kaggwa Njala

He’s a Ugandan journalist and in December 2012, he interviewed a transgender gay rights activist on Television and, it didn’t turn out so well. 

His first question was “Why are you gay” which is a pretty weird question to start your interview with! Everyone else thought so and the video went viral after the interview.

In January, it resurfaced and this September, it resurfaced…again!! This time making it to GH Twitter and eventually going on Facebook and Instagram and Whatsapp!!

On Twitter, most of the jokes were related to homosexuality…

People even made different variations of the meme


It’s hilarious and at least now, any time you use the meme, you know where it came from!

Watch the interview here:

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