Here Are 5 Ways Social Media Can Affect Your Relationship With Your Significant Other

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Social media is basically our lives right now.

It helps us in terms of staying connected to friends and family. The funny memes and relatable tweets keep us happy especially when we need them the most. People use their accounts to make money and also, it gives a lot of people the platform to share their creativity and works.

In as much as it’s amazing, it could be the doom of your relationship if you don’t take care. Here are some ways social media tends to affect your relationship.

Don’t share unapproved pictures of your partner

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In a relationship, you tend to see all the quirks and awkwardness of your partner and sometimes you manage to capture it on camera. For example, the way your partner sleeps or even a face he/she makes when crying. These are not meant for public consumption unless of course, your partner agrees for you to post them. Not everyone needs to see that side of your partner.

Airing your dirty laundry online

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You guys had a misunderstanding and you want to vent. Do Not… we repeat… Do Not resort to venting on social media!! You need to try as much as possible to keep it together. Not everyone online needs to know what you’re dealing with. You tend to attract negative vibe into your relationship plus your partner definitely would not appreciate it.

Interacting with your ex on social media

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We get that for some people, you have no problem with your exes so y’all hit each other up occasionally just to see how you guys are doing and that’s fine. The problem is entertaining that ex who you know still likes you. If it was the other way round how would you feel?


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Oversharing on social media Photo Credit: Google

You don’t need the world to know every single thing you and your partner are doing so much so that, the people on the internet (you don’t even know) become invested in your relationship. Once you start posting everything, even when you’re not happy in the relationship and you want to break up, you can’t because then you start thinking of what people will say and how they’ll be laughing at you behind your back.

Comparing your relationship with others

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Let’s be honest, we even compare our whole lives to other people on social media. What you should remember is that people do not post the negative aspect of their lives (why would they??). They only post what they want you to see so there’s no need to be so worried that you aren’t doing something right in your relationship.

Your social media should be handled the way you deem fit but you should remember that the internet never forgets. You might think you’ve taken something down but someone somewhere has already taken a screenshot or a screen recording of what you’ve posted and is waiting for the right time to post it and disgrace you.

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