Video Reportedly Showing Ghanaians Packed In A Libyan Jail Surfaces Online

Ghanaians in Libya
Ghanaians in Libya

Life is hard on these streets and people are finding all kinds of means to make ends meet and provide for their families.

Some young men who believed that illegally migrating to Europe is the answer to the hardship they are facing have commonly become victims of traffickers and smugglers…

Travelling by land through the Sahara Desert, they end up in Libya where they hope to make their last effort to cross the Mediterranean sea and land in Europe.

Very few get the opportunity to cross the sea on dangerous boats and among that select few, most do not make it to Europe alive.

The Mediterranean sea, in recent times, has become a mass graveyard littered with lifeless bodies of Africans (women and children included) who are making frantic efforts to reach Europe where they believe the answer to their poverty lies.

However, a lot more others are not so lucky or unlucky to get on a boat heading towards Europe from Libya.

Some are reportedly traded as slaves in Libya, according to a recent CNN undercover report looking into Modern Day Slavery and migration issues.

Such could be the case of several young Ghanaian men who are reportedly being incarcerated in Libya in inhumane circumstances as shown in the video going viral online.

In the video, the men who seem to be in what looked like a prison cell with no ventilation can be heard begging for help.

Forced into a tiny room with a metal cage door, the young men are like slaves packed into a dungeon – or to use slavery terms – they have been packed like sardines.

Though cannot independently verify the authenticity of this video, a  number of influential personalities in Ghana have shared this video and they have called on the government to rescue the men captured in the video.

Actress Lydia Forson, Efia Odo, Bridget Otoo are among some of the well-known figures who have reacted to this video.


We hope the government looks into this video…

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