UG: Beards!! Here Are Their Pros And Cons!

Lately, having a beard has become super cool and popular and we thank mainstream media for that.

Basically there are two types of people;
Beard-lovers and Beard-haters, not haters specifically but you understand.

Contemplating on whether to get you some beard growth oil or not?

Here are the pros and cons of having a beard:

First off, most ladies want to hold their guy’s beard and play with it because it really gives a great feeling.

It’s just how they are.

The hand just automatically moves to the beard.

Beards make you look older and more mature. Most of our friends come to level 100 without beards but after vacation, they came back with grown beards and things. It was shocking, honestly. But they did look grown and much more handsome.

Beards are gorgeous and a natural statement of manliness.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to caress that guy’s beard while gazing into his beautiful brown eyes?

Some ladies are cool without the unkempt beard look but hey, a little beard shaping ain’t ever hurt anyone.

The only problem with having a beard is that sometimes, after a steamy make-out session, probably instigated by the intense attractiveness of the guy’s beard – you may end up with some hair in the mouth.

Annoying, but not like soul-destroying or shave-worthy.

Some girl bi is eyeing your man because of his beard? Don’t worry boo.

It is normal.

You just gotta trust your man.


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