Is This Really The End For The iPhone 6?

The new iPhone 11 was announced just last week and well…we are excited but deep down, we know that some of us cannot afford it.

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The jokes about buying older versions of the iPhone because they will become cheaper have been all over the place and we don’t blame anyone…they are true!!!

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After the new iPhones were announced, something new also came to Apple users…new iOS.

The new iOS which is the iOS 13 promised a lot of major new features, the most prominent and highly anticipated one being the dark mode Apple introduced.

Apple users who install iOS 13 will get the chance to change the whole system’s settings to a dark mode which is a pretty cool dark colour theme running through everywhere you go on your phone!

Unfortunately, the new update will only be available on the iPhone SE and above.

This means iPhone 6 ad 6+ will not be a part of the new update.

Naturally, Twitter came alive with all kinds of jokes!!

This is how the laughter started…

Then the trolls came flooding in…

Naturally, people felt it was time to trade in their iPhone 6s…

But there was the option of acting like you don’t care…

But at the end of the day…

R.I.P to the iPhone 6?

Lord whyyy??!!!!

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