These Tricks Will Make Him Listen To You Without Sounding Naggy

There are those times when you’re so excited telling your significant other something and you ask them a question and they give you that confused look which tells you everything you need to know. They were not listening.

It hurts but then again, it might not have been their fault. You probably didn’t read the room before telling them your exciting news; they were probably not in the right mood.

With that being said, here are 5 tricks to be able to reach him so he really listens to what you’re saying.

You can’t force them to listen

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We need you to understand that if you keep saying one thing over and over and over again, and he doesn’t still do anything about it, he’s indirectly telling you something. He. Doesn’t. Care!! If he does these things a lot of times, you need to relook at your relationship.

Avoid “you” and “never/always.”

These are accusatory and men don’t do well with these. They’ll shut you out!! Pose what you’re going to say as a problem but not an accusation. For example; “I think you need to start cleaning the dishes you use after eating” instead of “You never clean your dishes? Why do you keep doing that?!”

Read the room

This is a simple tip everyone should know. Look at the person you’re going to talk to. Does it look like they’re in a mood to listen to you? Are they looking tired and yawning? Are they annoyed? Needless to say, these are wrong times to say anything even if you’re very excited cuz you won’t get the response you want.

Ask him if you can confide in him

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This usually sparks interest. We are saying try this approach because saying “we need to talk” is really really someway and it will let him get his guard up and you don’t want that. And oh! Smile when you’re telling him you want to confide in him. It helps ease up any tension he might be feeling.

Ask him what he thinks

This is really important because we usually forget that they probably have their reasons for doing certain things. You need to listen to them and reach an agreement.

Try these out and let us know what happened in the comment section.

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