These Signs Show That You Are Incompatible With Your Partner

Sacrifices are important in relationships, as well as trust, communication, and compatibility. However, most people are not compatible, yet, they force the relationship to work. This leads to toxicity. Below are some signs that show you are not compatible with your partner:

They never Change

If you keep complaining about the same thing with your partner with no change from them, then it is a sign to know they are probably not compatible with you. They keep letting you down no matter how hard you try. They have no intention of changing and they will just replay the same thing repeatedly until you finally get tired and admit to yourself that you are not with the right person. This is a red flag in a relationship.

They never listen

If you are the only one who listens in the relationship, it shows incompatibility. Everything that happens to them, good or bad, you are there to hear them out. However, when you need a friendly ear and someone to talk to, you would probably choose your best friend over your partner. It’s not that you do not want to share your thoughts with them, you know that they will not be interested in what you have to say.

Always arguing

When it comes to the point where you are always arguing in your relationship, then it is a sign of incompatibility. You probably already tried to work things out and be more understanding but it didn’t go as planned. You just continued fighting and bickering about this and that and it seems it will never end. Communication is very vital in a relationship and when it is below 30%, then it is a sign that something is wrong.

You are not yourself around them

You want to share things that bother you or those that you feel happy about with them but you are reluctant to because they will probably discard them as stupid. When you are in a healthy relationship, you feel loved and accepted and you don’t feel the need to dread every step. For example, if you can’t dance when they are there or sing along to a song, then you are not compatible.


Jealousy is not always a bad thing when it is within reason. However, sometimes it can go too far and can be very toxic. Two overly jealous people will only hold each other back, not to mention it can be dangerous.


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