All The People Tekashie 6ix9ine Might Snitch On Soon…According To Twitter

The rainbow-haired rapper, Tekashie 6ix9ine is known for his loud mouth and heavy trolling of anyone and anything on social media.

Photo of the rapper, Tekashie 6ix9ine

He was picked up by the police last year with 5 others after an investigation into the Nine Trey gangsters, a gang that is in the East Coast of the United States. He was charged for a number of crimes including conspiracy to commit murder, armed robbery and more.

He pleaded not guilty but when he found out he was facing a life sentence, he decided that snitching was a better way to cut a deal.

On Monday, his trial began. He went all out, naming names, pointing at people in the courtroom and practically mentioning people who were not even involved in the case.

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If he knew you were up to some shady thing, lol he’d chook!!

Well not really like that but his snitching got so bad people just had to troll him on the internet.

With the way he was dropping names, everyone now assumes he knows everything and can expose everyone!

Take a look at the funniest tweets we saw!

We’ve got no words but we won’t lie, we are enjoying this!

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