You Need To Know These Causes Of Bad Breath


Yo! It’s so hard to keep talking with someone who has Halitosis (bad breath). Sometimes you try so hard to keep a straight face but the grimace will appear on your face and the person will start to notice that there’s probably something wrong with him. If you don’t get the perceptive ones too they’ll keep talking in your face and even spittle will be flying out of your hands into your face. Sigh. Not to mention the fact that it’ll entirely ruin your impression of them, especially if you don’t know them well enough. Having bad breath can make conversations extremely awkward and it is definitely not something that anyone wants. Despite so, you don’t have to simply ignore it because that can seem almost impossible. Instead, perhaps suggest that they visit for more information on the causes of bad breath.

Maybe they genuinely don’t know because honestly, how do you tell your friend their mouth is smelling? Won’t it hurt their feelings? Won’t they feel someway about it? Won’t it change the way they hang out with you because they are shy or something?

Well, since knowing about a problem helps you understand it and gives you a clearer picture of how to solve them, here are some of the causes of bad breath.

General Oral Health

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Recently we found out on Twitter that when some people brush their teeth they don’t clean the tongue too and we were shocked and appalled!! Who doesn’t clean or brush their tongues? Who??!! Some of you too don’t brush your teeth in general. How do you this?? Your tongue can trap bacteria that produce odours and not brushing your teeth can cause a colourless, sticky film of bacteria (plaque) to form on your teeth.

Infections in your mouth

Surgical wounds after oral surgery, such as tooth removal, or as a result of tooth decay, gum disease or mouth sores.

Tobacco products

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All Tobacco products cause bad breath and lead to much more serious oral health issues. Apart from leaving your mouth smelling like smoke, they damage the gum tissue and cause gum disease.

Dry Mouth

Part of the job of saliva is to cleanse the mouth and remove particles that cause bad odours. A condition called dry mouth or xerostomia can contribute to bad breath because the production of saliva is decreased. Dry mouth naturally occurs during sleep, leading to “morning breath,” and it worsens if you sleep with your mouth open.

Certain foods

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Eating certain foods, such as onions, garlic and spices, also can cause bad breath. After you digest these foods, they enter your bloodstream, are carried to your lungs and affect your breath.

Some Medications

Some medications cause the reduction of saliva in the mouth which in turn causes bad breath. Also, some medications, when broken down in the body, release chemicals that can be carried through your bloodstream to your breath.

In most cases, you can improve bad breath with consistent proper dental hygiene. If nothing changes, see a doctor, please.

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