You Aren’t A True Bomber If You Don’t Use These Captions On Your Pictures!

We love our bombers! Lmao!

When you see them you see them, Charley.

In their posts on social media, the way they dress and even their whole look.

Those saggy jeans which show their boxers, the basketball jersey, their uncombed and unkempt hair and last but not least, those Adidas slides they wear with socks.

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Lol. On Social media when they post pictures of themselves looking like this and holding a whole lotta cash (eye roll),  here are some of the captions our dear bombers never fail to use!

work hard play hard!

Image result for work hard play hard gifs

very soon we go buy the Benz

Enemies nor be God


Image result for greeting squad members gifs

sleep is for the weak!

Mi blood!

My hommie!

Image result for my homie gifs

It always seems impossible until it is done


Image result for money gifs

Oluwa bless the hustle

team no sleep

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Lol! Do these captions remind you of some of your bomber friends? Let us know in the comment section.

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