#TrueStory: “I Am Ashamed Of My Parents” Says A University Student

David is a guy on Facebook who collects the most unusual stories about people and relationships. He doesn’t just tell the people’s stories, he usually offers advice and opens the floor for anyone who wants to give advice too.

He’s like a modern-day “Aunty Betty” or  “Agony Aunt”.

One story he posted about a student caught our attention.

It may sound weird, but it is a true story.

“Hello David. I am 19 years, and a University student. I am ashamed of my parents. I don’t know what they’ve done to me, but I just can’t seem to want them to be my parents. I want my friends’ parents to be my parents rather.

Anytime my mother comes to my school to visit me, I hide from her. I switch my phone off whenever my father is on campus to bring me money. I love them very much, but I don’t want them to be my parents in the open. I want them to remain my parents in the closet. I have tried to explain to them not to visit me or bring me money because I really don’t need money. I am doing okay all by myself, but they keep worrying and visiting uninvited.

Last week, my father came over and I think he realized I was intentionally hiding from him. He sent me a text saying that he was very disappointed in me for feeling ashamed of him and my mother. I feel bad right now, not because of the text, but because I couldn’t be bold enough to tell them to their faces.

Is it a wrong thing to not want my parents to be my parents in the public, though, deep within, I really, truly, love them? ”

What do you think?

Is it weird at all? Is it something people can relate to???

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