Y’all Need To Take Note. Here Are Some Sex Advice You Need To Avoid

We’ve grown up watching a lot of things on TV, social media and in Magazines about sex that shouldn’t really be in real life.

We’ve seen a lot of sex tips online as well but sadly, not all these things should be practised in real life!

That said, here are a few common blunders that you should not commit.

Biting and scratching

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Almost every romantic novel you read has biting and scratching in it and they make it seem so sexual and hot in your minds. The truth of the matter is that scratching your partner does not get them aroused. It hurts and the attention will be moved towards the hurt place which in turn spoils the mood of the session. What you can do rather is to do the scratching action but without actually using your nails on the person or even just hold on to the person.

Sex and food

Chocolates and whatever syrup you’re using on your partner’s body should not go anywhere near the genitals especially for ladies. This is what will cause some Infections on the part of ladies cuz they cause imbalances in the vagina.


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Lingerie can make sexy time more exciting but it is sometimes a lot of work. You need to be practical about the type you’re wearing so that it’s not when you’re both hot and bothered that you’re now coming to undo knots and try to wriggle out of what you’re wearing. By the time you’re done, the mood will be gone.

Talking Dirty

Lol. If you don’t know how to actually do it, the situation is going to be mad awkward. There is the chance that in trying to talk dirty with your partner, you might end up making them feel disgusting rather than erotic. It needs a lot of practice and if you aren’t comfortable talking dirty, leave it only to the experts.

Lol. What else did we leave out?

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