There’s A Comedy Awards For Wildlife And These Pictures Are So Hilarious


The Comedy awards for wildlife is something that is done every year for wildlife photographers to showcase some of the funniest pictures they’ve got of animals!

The awards show is in its fourth year and partners with global wildlife charity, Born Free Foundation to highlight the importance of conservation.

It’s a great cause and after looking at some of the entries, we cannot help but laugh out loud at these real animals getting caught on cam doing the funniest thing!!

We captioned them too because, why not?

” literal representation of ROTFLMAO”

Photo Credit: Lloyd Durham

“When you and your bestie see that person you have been gossiping about”

Photo Credit: Peter Haygarth

“When you’re in your feelings over a song and you are performing it in your room”

Photo Credit: Martina Gebert

“When you see someone you know at an event”

Photo Credit: Kevin Sawford

“When you meet your bestfriend!”

Photo Credit: Thomas Mangelsen

“When you see your friend’s girlfriend enter another guy’s car”

Photo Credit: Lloyd Durham

“When all is well deep within your soul”

Photo Credit: Vicki Jauron

“When you get home after a long day at work and your favourite TV show dropped a new episode”

Photo credit: Thomas Mangelsen

“He’s right behind me isn’t he?”

Photo Credit: Anthony N Petrovich

“When they tell you to grab life by its balls”

Photo Credit: Sarah Skinner

“When your mum is talking plenty but you jie your eye”

Photo Credit: Vlado Parsa

They are all so cute and funny at the same time!

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