The Rapper, Tekashie 6ix9ine Started His ‘Snitching’ Spree In Court Yesterday

Tekashi 6ix9ine is in the news for being a snitch.

The rapper was such a controversial one when he was not in prison, posting videos of himself saying the craziest thing!

He was considered a troll and if anyone didn’t know his music, they definitely knew his reckless Instagram videos trolling one rapper or the other and of course, his famous rainbow-coloured hair and teeth and the tattoos all over his face

The rapper is in prison currently for charges that include conspiracy to commit murder, armed robbery, racketeering (fraudulent business dealings), and possession of an AR-15 rifle. He was a person of interest in these charges and was caught alongside five other men following a five-year investigation into the gang (Nine Trey gangsters) on November 18, 2018.

He was denied bail, pleaded not guilty to the charges ut when he found out that he was facing life imprisonment, he cut a deal and agreed to ‘confess’ and snitch on members of the gang to reduce his life sentence to a minimum of 47 years in prison.

Now there’s a thing about “snitches”. Nobody likes them. They are what we call chookers here and 69 is doing amazing, literally pointing fingers and chooking everyone and everything.

The trial started yesterday and his family refused to go for the hearing because they fear for their lives.

It’s one thing to be a chooker but it’s an entirely different thing when you are chooking member of a notorious gang, outing people who have killed, kidnapped and done the worst crimes imaginable.

On social media, everyone is doing everything but defending the once-controversial rapper…

Anyone who followed his music career knows that he’s always had a beef with his fellow rapper, Trippie Red. At court yesterday when explaining what his role in his gang was supposed to be, he mentioned Trippie Redd and called him a gang member of a rival gang and his hit song, the one that brought him into the spotlight was a diss track to Trippie

Meek Mill had a few words to say too

And Vince Staples just had to make fun of the rapper…

Lil Durk another rapper who is actually a good friend of 69, merely said what he feels about him now and tweeted saying “Fuck 69 snitch K.”


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Oop!! #LilDurk also had a message concerning #Tekashi69 👀 (view previous post)

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And Snoop Dogg has been referring to him as a snitch for awhile now.

One thing we know for sure is, 69 is going to have a hard time if he ever comes out of prison and continues the music career

The saying “snitches get stitches” is very real and everyone knows 69 is going to have a hard time after his snitching spree

The trial will continue today.

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