Kafui Danku’s Instagram Captions Have Given Us The Boost We Need To Take Life By It’s Horns!

Today, Kafui Danku posted the good news about the birth of her second child on her Instagram and we are so excited and happy for her.

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What really caught our attention though was her long caption which we are even sure most of you missed out on. The caption was in 3 parts under the three different pregnancy pictures posted.

A screenshot of Kafui’s caption under one of her recent Instagram posts.

She described the way she had nightmares during her pregnancy with the scariest among them being her having sexual intercourse with a strange man and waking up to Teco Benson’s “End of the wicked” movie played back in her mind; the scene where the in-law turned into “the devil” slept with the woman and she lost the pregnancy.

Kafui Danku showing her baby bump

This really scared her but you know what she didn’t do? Call her pastor!

The norm now with Africans is to rely heavily on their Pastors for every single thing!

You get a bad dream because of the mood you were in or the amount of food you ate before sleeping and you start calling your pastor because you think someone in the spiritual realm is chasing you. You start to blame your grandmother in the village who is busily minding her business.

Kafui Danku showing her baby bump

Sometimes everything is in your head oh and the first thing to do is to dispel those thoughts! If you’re a religious person who believes that you can reach your own deity through prayer, then do it! Pray on your own!

Christians keep preaching about how God is around us and that Jesus conquered all on the cross and how the one within you(God) is greater than he who is of the world (devil) but when it comes to fighting “spiritual” battles like these lose their minds and run to their pastors. Since some pastors know the power they have over their congregation, they take advantage of it and ask people to do outrageous stuff!

People say what you think influences you on a large scale and we couldn’t agree more! You need to be able to control your thoughts because it will influence your fears and they will either push you to do more or just cripple you so much so that you’ll remain where you are till thy kingdom comes!

We thank God for Kafui Danku’s life and we wish her all the best in her new journey.

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