Every Single Reason Why We All Need To Eat Tilapia!



If you hate it, you clearly don’t know what is good because herh…what a delicacy!!!

Tilapia is enjoyed in Ghana and is a big part of our street food! Every few steps you take, you will find a woman busy grilling some tilapia over a sizzling hot fire.

If you love tilapia, here’s every reason why you should keep eating it and if you don’t, here’s every reason why you should keep eating it!

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Fried Tilapia with sweet potato wedges (Photo credit: Ndudu By Fafa)

Tilapia tastes great in any form. Whether it is the grilled one we buy to eat with banku or it’s the fried one you want to eat with kenkey or even the boiled ones in some steaming hot light soup to eat with fufu…it’s delicious!!!

In fact, can eat it with anything! It pairs well with rice, banku, noodles, kenkey…Everything!!!!!!!

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Fire-grilled tilapia (photo credit: Trip Advisor)

It is an ideal fish for farming because unlike other fish it doesn’t mind being crowded and it grows quickly, making it a great fish farming choice.

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Freshly harvested Tilapia

It’s very healthy! Tilapia is an impressive source of protein, vitamins and minerals and contains about 3 grams of fat per serving. Protein is important in your diet because it is necessary for muscle growth, cellular repair, and proper metabolic activity of numerous organ systems.

Tilapia is the best option for anyone trying to lose weight. Although it is high in protein, it is low in calories and fats so guess what? You can reduce your calories intake while on a diet but still enjoy some tilapia.

Image result for tilapia Ghana
Photo credit: Ndudu By Fafa

Phosphorous is one mineral that is prominent in tilapia and phosphorus is that mineral your body needs to help make your teeth and nails strong! Ladies, this is what you need to make sure your nails stop breaking just so you can ditch nail extensions and flaunt your long healthy nails!!

The potassium and omega-3 fatty acids found in tilapia have been connected to boosting brain power and increasing neurological function. So, guess who is going to breeze through all the hard work in school and the brainstorms you constantly need to do at wor? Tilapia eaters!

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Grilled Tilapia with banku and pepper sauce (Photo credit: Blueskies.com)

Tilapia also helps boost the activity of white blood cells and you know what the white blood cells do right? They defend the body against toxins which means, fewer trips to the hospital or area pharmacy!

Sounds good huh??

All these and more make Tilapia one of the healthiest choice of fish and if you ask us, we will suggest you get some tilapia any time you think about getting fish!

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