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This Is Probably Why You’re Still Single And Can’t Make A Relationship Work

You’ve been in and out of a couple of relationships but none seem sustainable.

You’ve tried and tried but the longest relationship lasts 6 months and you can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. Check out these points to see why you probably can’t sustain a relationship.

You don’t show love

You demand a lot from your partner because you expect them to love you and shower you with their time, money, energy, etc., without offering them something equal in return. If you never give much in a relationship, it will not last because relationships are a hand go hand come thing and if you’re not giving any love, the relationship won’t last.

You might have a dysfunctional family

The truth of the matter is that we learn stuff from our families. Children learn about relationships first from their parents. And if your parents had a dysfunctional relationship with each other, then that could heavily alter how you view relationships.

You have an “Accept me for who I am syndrome”

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Yes, you need someone who will take you as you are but you have to know that there are some flaws which can be accepted and there are others that are simply intolerable. Try to be a better person.

You can’t let go of your past

If you’re still holding on to your ex, there’s no way a new relationship will flourish. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where the partner is emotionally invested in someone else.


Your ego stops you from doing a lot of things. If you think your partner isn’t doing something so you won’t do some because… well… why should you, you’re making your ego speak for you which isn’t right.  If you’re constantly putting yourself and your needs before your partner’s, you’re a selfish person who deserves to be alone.


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If you keep confusing the person you’re dating you’ll never be in a relationship with them. Your yes means no, no means maybe, maybe means God knows what. You need to stop letting them second-guess everything. It’s not cool.

You don’t know when you need to shut up

There are certain things that don’t need to be said. You need to keep quiet about certain things otherwise you’ll keep hurting your partner. Sometimes you should just let some things go. Don’t prolong the argument you’re having. It can help save your relationship.

You’re judgemental

You should know that you aren’t flawless; neither are you perfect. The other person is putting up with your flaws cuz its human. You cannot sit there and be judging someone else just because they have their flaws too. When you keep judging all those who come your way, there’s no way you’re going to settle.

You should know that you can’t solve all these flaws overnight and that’s fine. What’s more important is that you accept that you have these flaws and you’re willing to work on them for a better relationship in the future.

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