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These Things Should Never Be Missing In Your Relationship

Even though a relationship involves two people from two different upbringings and attitudes, it involves putting aside the differences between you two and making everything work.

Every relationship needs some vital attributes to keep it stronger, long-lasting and more enjoyable for both partners. If you don’t have these in your relationship, it might not last.


Trust is very vital in your relationship. What’s the point if you have to keep checking your partner’s messages to see if they’re cheating? We get that sometimes from the experiences of past relationships it might be hard to trust another person but the fact of the matter is that if there’s no trust, there’s no relationship.


This does not focus on the lady alone but the guy as well. Mutual respect is necessary for a relationship. Both of you in the relationship should see each other as equals and treat each other as such. If there’s no respect, the relationship will not last as each person will feel like they aren’t appreciated enough.


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Communication is very vital in every relationship. Your partner cannot read your mind to know what you’re thinking or what you need or what you don’t like. You need to learn to communicate. If you’re angry because of something they did, let them know. They might not even know that they had annoyed you. If you keep it inside you saa ad you decide not to respond to their texts and calls, who are you doing? Isn’t it your own self?


Even if you aren’t getting support from friends and family members, there should be support coming from your partner. They should support everything you want to do so far as it makes sense. If your partner needs help paying bills, support them. If your lady is cooking in the kitchen go there and lend a helping hand. This brings you guys together and increases the love y’all have.


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If you’re hiding stuff from your partner, your relationship will not last. Once they find out, they’ll be more hurt that you lied to them and it will mess things up. They will not trust you again cuz you’ve broken their trust before, what’s to stop you from breaking it again.

If these things are not in your relationship, you need to relook at it again and start making things right with your partner.

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