The “Night Monkey” Trailer Presents The New Super Hero To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

A new character has been introduced to the world and has become an instant legend. After saving the world from an elemental attack in Europe, the Night Monkey is on the loose and ready to fight. Now, Sony Pictures has released an official trailer for the Night Monkey, as he is poised to break into everybody’s home on digital downloads and soon on Blu-ray. Of course, the ad is a promo for the home release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, but the iconic Night Monkey was one of the fan-favourite moments from the successful film. He deserves his own trailer and he got one.



You knew that but it’s more fun to imagine a world where a Night Monkey story could be told in a one-off fashion, at least. It would be a fun little One-Shot short film for the Blu-ray, having the European version of Spider-Man meant to preserve Peter Parker’s identity having to solve one more crime or stop one more villain.

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