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Is He Taking Advantage Of You? Here Are 5 Ways To Know

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In your relationship, both of you should treat each other as equals.

At some point in our lives, we were probably bringing more to the table than our other partners and well obviously, the relationship didn’t go anywhere cuz it’s spelt for doom.

If you’re the only one putting all the time, energy and resource into your relationship then there’s no need to expect anything but a broken heart and a crushed ego. Here are 5 signs that show he’s taking advantage of you so you should pack your bags and leave the relationship.

You’re constantly making excuses for them

The truth of the matter is that you refuse to see the truth and want to blind yourself from the very clear flaws of what they’re doing. You cannot possibly keep making excuses for every time they fail to come through.

You compromise on the things you want

It’s not right to keep sacrificing everything you want and need because of one person. If your partner keeps asking you to sacrifice who you are and what you want every single time without caring for your well being, you’re in the wrong relationship. Get out!!

You’re afraid of confrontation

If your relationship has reached this point, there’s something definitely wrong. There’s no reason why you should be afraid to confront your partner about certain things he/she has done. If you are, you’re most probably being abused, either emotionally and physically and you don’t know it.

You’re always the one making plans

You’re always the one putting in the effort to see them. He doesn’t initiate anything; be it texts or even dates. Once you stop making the plans and doing everything first, the relationship goes downhill because there’s no conversation even. It’s either the whole relationship was in your head or they’re actually just your friend.

They refuse to define the relationship

If your partner keeps putting off the conversation of “What are we?” you should know that there’s a real problem. They probably don’t want a relationship with you and are taking advantage of you.

In as much as all these points are valid, you need to have a talk with your partner to try and clear up these things and see if there will be improvements. If their attitudes are still nothing to write home about, then forget them. You deserve better.

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