How To Revive Your Relationship With Your Significant Other

Not all relationships survive the test of time and there will always be moments when you will feel the need to finally give up and let go.

However, it’s not also that easy to just drop everything and leave because we are talking about something that once made you the happiest person in the world – so you are stuck in the frustrating and often heartbreaking dilemma between staying and saying goodbye.

Before you finally decide to let go, you need to make the effort of reviving your relationship so that you know you tried your very best.

Talk about it

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You need to talk about the problem. Let your partner know that you aren’t comfortable with the way things are going between you two. Be vocal. They probably haven’t noticed because they are a little busy but remember, a problem shared is half solved.

Figure out the cause of the problem

You need to talk about what you need to change in your relationship. Usually, it’s because y’all don’t have time for each other as you did before and it’s understandable. If both of you have 9-5 jobs and come back tired because of traffic, all you want to do in the night is bath and sleep. There are those occasional texts to know how well both of you are doing during the day but it’s not that meaningful. Once you figure out why it seems like your love for each other is reducing, the problem is almost solved.

Take actions

After figuring out what is wrong with your relationship, you need to make conscious efforts to stop it from happening again. If it’s about taking some 5 minutes off during lunchtime to talk about your day so far with each other, do it. If you need to set some time apart for just both of you to hang out, do it and stick by it.

Try to remember why you love them

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There are always those ‘little little’ things your partner does which makes you smile at odd hours in the day. Remember all those times… the happy ones. Keep reminding yourself about how they make you feel when you’re with them. This keeps you focused on the relationship and makes you want to fight for it no matter what.

Don’t let other people make decisions for your relationship

We understand that sometimes you can get so overwhelmed and you resort to confiding in friends so they help you make decisions or just because you need a listening ear but you need to be careful so they don’t dictate what you should do in your relationship. You should remember that your own feelings and your own thoughts should be the basis for every choice that you make.

Remember that if your partner abuses you emotionally or physically, you should drop them! They do not deserve your love in any way.

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