#NewCoupleAlert: Cristiano Ronaldo To Marry Girlfriend

Cristiano Ronaldo says he will marry girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez ‘for sure’. The Juventus footballer says model Georgina is ‘the love of my life’ and plans to put a ring on it in the future. Plus, it would make his mum really happy. He praised his girlfriend and the mother of their daughter Alana, telling Piers Morgan in a new interview: ‘She helped me so much. Of course, I’m in love with her. ‘We’ll be (married) one day, for sure. It’s my mum’s dream as well. So, one day.

Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Why not? ‘It’s great. She’s my friend. We have conversations. I open the heart for her and she opens the heart for me.’ Cristiano is also dad to son Cristiano Jr, eight, and two-year-old twins Eva and Mateo. The couple, who have been together since 2016, first met at a branch of Gucci where she worked as a sales assistant before meeting again at an event for another brand.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina has spoken in the past about the pressures of dating someone in the public eye, saying her feelings for him outweigh anything negative. She said: ‘Being the partner of someone so famous is not easy but I wouldn’t change it for the world. What I feel for him is stronger than anything, any kind of pressure.’ Cristiano sits down with Piers Morgan for a one-off ITV special, in which he addresses the effect of his rape allegation on his family. He said: ‘They play with your dignity, it’s hard. You have a girlfriend, you have a family, you have kids.

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When they play with your honesty it’s bad, it’s hard. ‘I remember one day I was at home in the living room with my girlfriend watching television, we see the news and they speak about “Cristiano Ronaldo…this and that”, and you listen your kids coming down the stairs, and you change the channel because I was embarrassed.

‘I feel embarrassed. I just change the channel. For Cristiano to see that they speak bad about his father, it became a very bad case. Makes me feel so bad.’

Source: Metro.co.uk

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