Every Reason Why Your Morning Sucks Right Now


It’s a Monday morning and naturally, you’re already slightly irritated that the weekend is over.

Now as if that’s not enough, you woke up and there was no light. PDS’ doing a great job at contributing to your already bad mood.

Fun fact, you forgot to iron yesterday so you’re looking at your stuff, trying to find something that won’t look too wrinkly.

Your mood is already over the place cos now, you’re mad at Monday, PDS and yourself!

That’s not all. It’s a Monday morning so the traffic will be heavier than usual. You get to the place you usually pick your car and it’s a wild jungle: ‘Fight your way into a troski or be late.’

Fight dierr you could fight but now, you’re in the car and someone stepped all over you shoes in the troski battle. You can’t bend to clean it too cos you’re wedged between two huge people.

“Yesss?” You give the mate the exact fare and he starts to talk. You aren’t paying attention till you hear an insult… what did you do?

You forgot today is the day the transport fares increase but your mama didn’t raise a weakling so you hit back at the mate before giving him his ‘balance’.

Everyone was looking at you in the troski.

Now you realize the whole time you and the mate were arguing, the car had been in the same spot.

You struggle to look through any of the windows… you see the traffic.

Light off.

Traffic lights not working.

Ghana we dey. Chaos pai.

You are going to be late.

On a Monday morning.

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