Parents Agitated As Mfantisipim School Rejects ‘Self-Placed’ Students


These students took advantage of the Senior High School (SHS) self-placement module between Monday and Thursday but the school is unable to offer them admission.

The school’s position is informed by the fact that the Ministry of Education nullified all self-placements on Wednesday and reinstituted it on Thursday, requesting all self-placed students to start the process afresh.

But the parents argued that they had previously visited the school and picked prospectus, which according to them is a seal that they have a contract with the school to admit their wards.

The Green batch of SHS students is reporting from Sunday, September 15 whereas the Gold batch will report in November.

Some parents of the Green batch students claimed they have no knowledge of the ministry’s decision, communicated through a media release, and have travelled from across the country to Cape Coast to enrol their wards in the school.

Meanwhile, the list from the Ministry of Education to the Mfantsipim School does not include candidates who placed themselves in the school previously.

The stranded parents and their wards have refused to vacate the premises of the school insisting they will stay until their wards are enrolled.

They are asking the management of the school to iron out any differences with the Ministry of Education.

Parents of the affected students feel their place is being given to persons coming through with what is termed “protocol admissions”.

Source: 3 News

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