5 Romantic Comedies That You Need To Watch This Weekend

Irreplaceable You

For a lot of us, movies, especially rom-coms are the best way to unwind and relax, but often we struggle with what movie to watch.

While we can’t possibly help with the other confusions in your life, this is one we can sort – we’ve listed the best picks of romantic comedy for that perfect weekend watch. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, binge!

Irreplaceable You

It’s the classic rom-com theme where a couple deeply in love finds out that one of them suffers from a fatal disease. In this case, the girl finds out she has cancer and that her days are numbered. She then decides to start looking for a suitable partner for her fiancé, someone who loves and care for him as much as she does.

When We First Met

When We First Met starring Noah Ashby (playing DeVine) and Avery Martin (Daddario), delves into the dreaded notion of unreciprocated feelings and focuses on the ‘friend zone’.  It shows DeVine’s ability to literally time travel and alters the end of a one-night stand over and over again, till he gets what he dreams of.

Always Be My Maybe

If you are looking for that perfect rom-com that will leave you feeling mushy, Always Be My Maybe is the best pick. It’s about two childhood sweethearts have a falling-out and not speaking for 15 years. They run into each other when they least expect to, and what follows is both hilarious and aww-evoking.

Murder Mystery

A New York cop and his wife go on a European vacation to reignite the spark in their marriage. But a chance encounter with a flight passenger who is a loaded mafia leader leads to them being framed for the murder of an elderly billionaire.

Isn’t It Romantic 

Isn’t It Romantic stars Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Adam DeVine, and Priyanka Chopra. The movie is a romantic comedy in which Rebel Wilson plays Natalie, an architect who doesn’t believe and has an unfortunate fall after getting mugged when her entire thought process turns around.

source: indiatimes

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