#TrueStory: How A Lesbian Couple Started Fighting Over Me

This is a true story…

“My friends call me a legend and when I’m with them, I laugh and accept it but deep down, I’m not okay.

It started when I met… let’s call her Esi. I used to chat with her a lot on Twitter and we sort of clicked. I liked Esi because she was a ‘boys boys’ kind of girl. She liked football too and we could vibe saaaa!!! We finally exchanged numbers when we had to meet for the first time.

We kept texting consistently, talking on the phone, making video calls until one day I went to visit her. We played FIFA, she cooked and the unexpected happened. We had sex.

I don’t even remember how it happened but it was good. We kept meeting each other often for sex after that. We will mess around, play FIFA and end the day with some wild sex. I was happy.

And that’s how I started catching feelings.

I had to tell her and I was sure she liked me too so one day, I jigaa and I told her how I felt.

The girl didn’t say anything la! She just hung up. Ah, one whole week this girl never called back or replied my texts and calls!

My heart was broken but charle life goes on so I ignored her too. There was another girl I was texting small, small (let’s call her Nina) in the DM too so I just shifted my attention to her. I needed to stop thinking about Esi so I invited Nina over to my house one time and she said cool. We had sex too and she said she enjoyed it so we should do it another time. I said sure! Nina and I started hanging out often after that and one day, out of the blue, Esi finally called me back. She was sorry and wanted to talk and me too, like an idiot in love, I went to see her.

We didn’t talk mmom cos the second I saw her norrrr we started kissing and then we did it again. Now hmm, she never really explained anything but I was just happy to be back in her arms so we kept meeting up but the problem was, I kept seeing Nina too because that girl was too fine and the things she was teaching me in the bedroom was mind-blowing!

So it was Nina kakra, Esi kakra until one day I went to see Nina and Esi opened the door.

Na I conf… maybe I was in the wrong house. Maybe too one of them saw the texts on my phone. It was none of those reasons.

They knew each other. In fact, they were in a relationship! Apparently, Esi was a lesbian or bi or whatever they call it and in the middle of the shouting and asking how who knew who… I found out they had been dating each other for a year.

But that is not what the problem is oo, the problem is that, right now, both of them are texting me that they like me and have broken up with each other for me.

In fact, I went to meet Esi one time to talk and Nina came to see us and they fought.

Plenty shouting…. at the mall. People were looking at us and I was so shy!

Right now, they are not talking to each other and I’ve been seeing them sub each other on the TL but they’re both in my DM, waiting for me to choose one and I don’t know what to do. Esi is like my bestie and I have feelings for her but Nina too hmmm….the sex.

I really don’t know what to do. I make basaa roff.”

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

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