These Fashion Items Secretly Damage Your Health

We know you all want to be fashionable but should it be at the cost of your health?

Yes, certain fashion choices affect your health even if you don’t notice it right away. In order to look and feel your best, it’s best to size up the potential health hazards before trying some of these items on.

High heels

Wearing high heels very often can cause you to have joint pain, calluses, ankle sprains, osteoarthritis, and nerve damage.  The higher and narrower the heel is, the worse.

Really tight jeans

Skinny jeans hug every curve of your body and are tight around your hips, buttocks, crotch, legs, calves, and ankles. Wearing tight jeans can constrict the nerves in your crotch and legs, thus lowering the flow of the blood to your lower legs. As such, you may experience swelling, muscle damage, and numbness. Aside from that, wearing clothes that is too tight makes your body sweat too much, which generates an open environment for bacterial infections, fungal, and viral. If you must absolutely wear skinny jeans, wear stretchy ones.


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Popularly known as G-strings. Wearing these panties regularly can lead to serious intimate health problems such as vaginal infections, haemorrhoids, irritation, and skin chafing in the genital area. Try to wear cotton panties most of the time.

Small neckties

Small shirts and tight tie knots reduce blood circulation, increase intraocular pressure, cause headaches, limit neck movement, and increase muscle tension in the back and shoulders.

Large Handbags

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Carrying too much weight on one shoulder can cause muscle pain and end up damaging your joints. If you can’t give up your favourite XXL handbag, try not to fill it with unnecessary stuff. Just the things you really need.


They affect you indirectly. Wearing these make it difficult to pee and so you’ll be forced to either not drink water or keep the pee in you. Drinking fewer amounts of water can incite infection in the bladder and can even eventually affect the other parts of your body and keeping your pee can trigger pain right above the pubis or pubic bone and can cause discomfort during sexual intercourse, and can cause bladder infections.

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