How To Blend Multi-Coloured Socks With Your Outfit

The essence of dressing well or making a fashion statement can only be achieved when we dress in a way that makes reasonable fashion sense. We groom ourselves to create and build a fashion brand or image we want to be identified with among our peers.

However and depressingly, some in a bid to make a bold statement end up confusing themselves and the public with their riotous colour combination that ends up leaving observers with massive headaches and bewilderment.

Well, you should realize, that fashion is not about being loud and brash nor timid and docile. It’s about being able to groom and look like a pro – the ability to make sense with our grooming.

It presupposes that your personality and image should be thoughtfully and carefully expressed through what you choose to adorn yourself in.

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For those of you still, multi-coloured socks addicted let’s take a look at some ways you can express your love for this particular fashion without looking awkward or ridiculous.

One of the best techniques in pairing multi-coloured socks with your clothes is to find a way of blending and creating some semblance of symmetry between your socks and your clothing ensemble.

To begin, master your colour cartwheel to enable you to choose the right colour of socks for your clothes.

You can definitely opt to pair your socks with either your shirt, tie, pocket square, suit or bow tie. This will enhance your look and add a semblance of symmetry to your looks.

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The bottom line is that you want to express your extraordinary fashion style in a tasteful and collected manner without looking odd.

The key basically lies in keeping your looks trendy, unique and in vogue as you work at creating your own fashion identity and brand.

Never hesitate to make a bold fashion statement as long as you keep it as realistic as possible and avoid making a caricature of yourself in the process.

Have a blessed weekend gorgeous readers and don’t forget to keep our fashion date next week.


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