Vaginal Fluid Transplants Which Can Cure Infections May Soon Be Available In The US

vaginal fluid transplant

US doctors believe some women can benefit from a dose of healthy vaginal microbes to protect against the BV infection.

If you’ve had Bacterial Vaginosis(BV) before you would understand how annoying it is since it sometimes keeps recurring and so this breakthrough is a relief.

BV is a vaginal infection that is caused by an imbalance in the diversity of bacteria in the vagina, and a depletion of bacteria known as lactobacilli.

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Just to be clear, BV isn’t the same as a yeast infection. Yeast infections cause you to produce a lot of cheese-like discharge and also causes itching. BV, on the other hand, causes a thin discharge, a burning feeling when peeing and also causes the vagina to smell.


Having sex (semen and saliva are slightly alkaline) and using douches or vaginal washes, as well as hormonal changes at particular times of the month during a woman’s menstrual cycle all-cause BV.

The technique involves taking the vaginal bacteria from a healthy donor and placing it in a recipient.

Donors aged between 18 to 45, provided samples of their vaginal fluid, as well as blood and urine. They also completed a questionnaire on variables like their sexual history and whether they used vaginal products, as well as their general medical and travel history.

The donation is a self-collection one. The woman inserts and then removes a flexible plastic disc – similar to a menstrual cup or a contraceptive diaphragm – to collect the sample.

To apply, the recipient will have to insert it in a similar way to a tampon (since the sample will be drawn up into an applicator).

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