Today In History, La Meme Gang Broke Into The Music Scene And Never Looked Back

The La Meme Gang!

This collective made up of Darkovibes, RJZ, Kwaku Bs, Kiddblack, $pacely and Nxwrth came into our lives and changed our taste in music forever!

There’s this notion that Ghanaians do not like ‘different’ music and all we like is a good beat to dance to. Well, that is lowkey true but La Meme Gang came in and switched the game.

The La Meme Gang.


Some of us knew some of the artistes individually but on 12th September 2017, they began their rise into becoming one of Ghana’s influential and most favourite group ever!!

They dropped the La Meme Tape…10 songs each so unique we had to Stan!!!

Image result for la meme tape
Album art for the La Meme Tape

There was no bad song and even Larry in the skit on their intro became a favourite person! They trended easily on social media and got featured on Apple Music because it was so good! The album gave us the iconic ‘Godzilla’ which has to go down in history as one of the best songs ever and the ‘dettiest’ song ever, ‘Yaa Baby’.

Kiddblack’s monotonous tone and dexterity in rap, Darkovibes’ skill at amazing hooks, $pacely’s unique voice, Nxwrth’s exceptional production skills, Kwaku Bs’s voice and RJZ’s multi-talented self all blended to give us one hell of a project!

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Even though they have given us more music and another tape, we will forever think this was the best tape they gave us! Maybe it’s because it’s got some sentimental value for us but we still stand firm on the fact that this tape is and will forever be the best!

The La Meme Gang easily connected with the youth because of their bold attempt at something new and lol let’s face it, the young ones are a radical bunch looking to make changes and latch on new things and allow them to express themselves. La Meme Gang gave us that and we picked it up and run with it!!

Individually, they have proven themselves to us over and over again and together, they have a relationship that is nothing short of envious! We have a whole theory on how they help each other flourish in the music industry: Shouts To The Real Bros, La Meme Gang. They Give Us Goals And Hits And We Are Here For It All!

Happy Anniversary to the La Meme Gang’s La Meme Tape and, here’s to more years of mindblowing music and to them being unapologetically themselves!!

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