Take A Look At All The Songs You Didn’t Know Nxwrth Produced

Every day we listen to music and we give all the fans to the artistes and forget that the song bangs only because the beat is fire!!

The beat that makes you excited plays an important role in the song and it’s important that we put some ‘respek’ on the producers’ names.

We all know Nxwrth, a member of the collective, La Meme Gang. We got introduced to their music and then slowly fell in love with each of them’s music, creativity and unique style.

Nxwrth, the producer in the group is one of the most gifted producers we have ever listened to. He has a unique sound he likes to describe as otherworldly, that complements his team and other artistes music with a different sound.

You probably thought all he does is produce beats for the La Meme Gang but…you are wrong! Nxwrth is the producer behind some of our favourite songs, effortlessly contributing to the hits we fell in love with

These are all the songs Nxwrth has produced so far:

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Photo of the producer and La Meme Gang Member, Nxwrth

Sundress – feat $pacely [Download]

Digit$ – $pacely [Download]

Digit$ remix feat Kwesi Arthur [Download]

Cupid feat Darkovibes [Download]

Asstro Jack feat Kwaku Bs [Download]

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Photo of Nxwrth

Pray For Me – Kwesi Arthur [Download]

Dr Panie – Kirani Ayat [Download]

Mama – feat. RJZ and Darkovibes [Download]

Placebo – Darkovibes & Kiddblack [Download

Godzilla feat Joey B, Kiddblack & Darkovibes (La Meme Tape) [Download]

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Photo of Nxwrth

Yaw Ming feat Kwaku Bs [Download]

Fitness feat Hama, ABU, Kiddlack [Download]

VVS Flow – RJZ [Download]

Your Waist – RJZ feat Spacely [Download]

Body – Paq feat Spacely RJZ & Stylin [Download]

Related image
Photo of Nxwrth

Wowzers – RJZ [Download]

Respect The Government – Kwaku Bs [Download]

Scandalous – $pacely feat King Kuu and Kwaku Bs [Download]

Ikechukwu – $pacely feat Darkovibes [Download]

Love on Drugs – $pacely feat Darkovibes [Download]

Image result for nxwrth
Photo of Nxwrth

Thundercock – Nxwrth feat Riz, Froy3 & $pacely [Download]

Bruce Lee – King Kuu [Download]

Bu’s in the room – BuMan feat $pacely [Download]

Rock The Boat – Joey B ft $pacely [Download]

Ranger – Joey B feat Darkovibes [Download]

Running Man – Nxwrth feat Kwaku Bs [Download]

Kemor Ame – La Meme Gang feat Darkovibes, RJZ, Kiddblack, Nxwrth (La Meme Tape: Linksters) [Download]

Gold Coast – feat Odunsi, Darkovibes & Nxwrth [Download]

Two Weeks – feat $pacely, RJZ, Pappy Kojo and Nxwrth [Download]

Bonjour – Darkovibes, $pacely, Kiddblack, RJZ, Medikal, Nxwrth [Download]

Image result for nxwrth
Photo of Nxwrth

Terminator – Kwaku Bs, $pacely and Nxwrth [Download]

Info – Nxwrth feat $pacely & Kwaku Bs [Download]

Houdini – Nxwrth feat Kwaku Bs & $pacely [Download]

Above Average  – feat Sky Kuu & Kwesi Arthur [Download]

Image result for Above Average - feat Sky Kuu & Kwesi Arthur [Download]

Flydondada – Kwakubsmah [Download]

Amina – Kwaku Bs feat $pacely [Download]

Rager – feat Froy3 [Download]

Exodus – Magnom feat Bayku [Download]

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