If You Haven’t, You Need To Try Yung Pabi’s New EP, ‘Running With Men On Horses’


Young Pabi dropped an album last week.

This will be his first-ever EP.


The album, titled Running With Men on Horses comes with an album cover art that is quite significant. Yung Pabi is seen on a racetrack running on his feet while everyone else around him is on horses.

After a complete listening of the album, the Outro explains that the race is his music career, the fans are the spectators, other artistes are the horsemen and their links are the horses they are riding. Yung Pabi is in a race with fellow artistes who have much more resources than him and are all working towards the goal of getting where they want to be in the industry.

The intro to the album is very different. It is a whole story that immediately sets your mind back to the ‘By The Fireside’ days. The sound effects, the exaggerated story teller’s tone…it immediately paints a picture of what Yung Pabi wants you to picture in your head.

The first track, Love You is a great song that talks about all the things Christians do that if God had the opportunity to reply as one of us, He would. The whole track takes on the tone of God and speaks ‘His’ sentiments on the human race.

The recurring hip-hop theme in the song continues and on Guilt, Yung Pabi makes it even more clear that he is unapologetically Christian, talking about the grace he has on him and why he is ‘Anointed.’

On ‘Sunshine‘, Yung Pabi expresses the frustration every Christian has at some point in their life but he goes on to explain why it is important to figure out your purpose and pursue it. ‘Humble Beast‘ hits hard and Yung Pabi did the exact opposite of what the title track says on this one. He went in hard and gave us every reason why he is confident in his music, style and struggle!!

One very interesting track on the EP is ‘Wubotom’ which is a ‘hats off’ to the OG rapper, Kwadee. To be honest, we aren’t sure if it’s Yung Pabi that is rapping or it’s Kwadee himself on the track because the details are legit down to the tiniest detail! Amazing stuff!!

The title track, ‘Running With Men on Horses’ is quite different from the other tracks because it is more trap inclined so naturally, it is quite catchy and the hook will get stuck in your mind for days.

The 9 track EP is heavily hip-hop based with Yung Pabi showing us his rap prowess and capabilities.

There’s something about each song that makes you pay close attention towards the end and to be honest, with the storytelling in the intro and outro, we cannot help but think that each song tells and is filled with life lessons, just like the folklores and stories we used to hear from our Grandparents (if you are old enough).

Yung Pabi is a great rapper and with time we won’t be surprised to see him, at the finished line! Just like he said in the outro, don’t just be a spectator…support his music!

Stream it all here: Running With Men On Horses (RWMOH) and follow him on Twitter, @YungPabiMusic

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