Here Are Some Dating Hacks You Should Have Under Your Belts

Who doesn’t want to make going out on dates easier? Buckle up… you’re about to discover 4 miracle hacks that work like magic.

Use date seeding

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Plant possible date ideas seeds while talking to her. Nothing overbearing, just casually plant some little seeds.

For example:

You: ‘So, you like movies? Let’s go to the movies sometimes.’

Her: ‘Sure, why not?’

See? Simple. But this only works if when you were talking to her she actually seemed interested in you.

Plan your convo

Don’t approach a lady without knowing what to say. You need to be able to start a convo and keep it going. We aren’t saying script the whole thing but at least, have some topics that you would like to discuss with her.

Eye contact

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When you look at a person in the eyes, it shows them that you’re confident and trustworthy and also builds attraction and a connection. If you only build a connection, she’ll see you as a friend. If you only build attraction, she’ll see you as superficial. So you need both and a normal convo with eye contacts is enough.

Use your phone

This works before you approach and talk to a lady. It also works on ladies who are already interested in you(yes, you would know by the way they steal glances at you). Using your phone before approaching implies you have a social life. It also makes you look busy. A man with a social life and who is busy is more attractive to women. It is what it is.

Try these hacks and thank us later.

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