Ever Wondered How Actresses Performed Their Stunt? Here Are Their Stunt Doubles

Some have striking resemblances while some have not soo striking resemblance but this didn’t hinder us from giving you the best gist from the Hollywood industry.

In every movie, there are stunt doubles who play certain scenes the main cast can’t play.

They perform risky stunt moves and also a stand-in for the actresses.

Here is a list of your favourite actresses and their stunt double.


  • Gal Gadot(Wonderwoman)

Image result for gal gadot wonder woman stunt double

  • Margot Robbie(Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad)

Image result for Margot robbie stunt double

  • Emilia Clarke ( Game Of Thrones)

Image result for emilia clarke stunt double got

  • Zoe Saldana (Guardians Of the Galaxy)

Image result for zoe saldana stunt double

  • Karen Gillan( Jumanji)

Image result for karen gillan stunt double

  • Rhonda Rousey (Fast and Furious)

Related image

  • Scarlett Johnson (Avengers)

Image result for scarlett johansson stunt double avengers

  • Brie Larson (Captain Marvel)

  • Halle Berry (John Wick)

Image result for halle berry stunt double

  • Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies)

Image result for reese witherspoon stunt double

  • Amy Schumer (I Feel Pretty)

Image result for Amy schumer stunt double


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