20 Random Things We Did As Kids That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

These are some of the most random things we used to do as kids that when you think about now, you’d wonder why???

What was the point???

We would never know but, we had fun doing some!!

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Everyone has at least,  punched holes in erasers with a pen or pencil

Unless you were a very good child, you definitely wrote on a wall some time

And we all unravelled pencils like this 

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We have all tried to erase pen marks with an eraser even though we knew it wasn’t possible

We don’t know who taught us but we always drew the sun in the corner all the timeRelated image

We have all tried to be Batman or Superman by tying a cloth around our neck like a cape.

You definitely wasted Sellotape, wrapping it around your pens and pencils

You jumped around on the bed/ sofa even though you weren’t supposed to

And the best way to stop your pen from being stolen was to put your name on a paper and push it in the pen. (Never worked tho)

Some of you chewed gum with pencil lead to make black gum

You definitely…don’t deny it. You definitely tried to smoke with a paper and powdered chalk

And of course, this was the only way to draw birds

You have tried to fan the TV in an attempt to cool it before your parents came home because you watched TV even though you were told not to!

The only reason we liked this pen was that we just wanted to try pushing all the colours down at once

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You have cried just because you were being teased with someone you actually liked

You all, at some point, tried to drink water or drinks from the bottle cap like shots!

We have all clipped pegs to our ears like they were earrings.

And we have been scared because we swallowed a seed and thought it will grow in our stomachs.

We have tried pushing pins through our skins!

image from reddit

And the ultimate thing…

Your friend: Insosophysicalmentilization, spell it

You: *tries and fails to spell the word

Your friend: Hahaaa spell It! I said spell IT! I, T, It!


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Fun times when we were kids right???

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