Ways To Recognize And Help A Depressed Person

In this century, depression has become rampant especially between the ages group of 15-40. It has been strongly linked to suicide when it is not treated.

Depression is derived from a Latin verb “deprimere-to press down”, it is more than a low state of mood, it is a permanent stigma, it is a serious condition that affects your mental and physical health. It is also a mood disorder that makes you constantly sad. Psychologists call it a complicated bereavement. Depression is not a sin until an action which is not meant to be carried out takes place like suicide.

According to the World Health Organisation, (WHO), depression is the most common disease worldwide and the cause of disability. WHO estimated 350million people are affected by depression, globally.

Causes of depression:

Trauma and Early losses:

Researchers found out that emotional trauma can make one vulnerable especially when one loses a person dear to him/her.

Life event: divorce, work issues and relationship with friends and families


If you have a family with first-degree depression, it can increase the risk of being depressed.


You feel sad and moody with no clear reasons for a week, months and so on, this might be a sign of depression.

–      Talk about death or suicide

–      Loss of interest in activities

–      Appear more pessimistic than usual

–      Always guilty

–      Trouble sleeping

–      Lack of concentration

–      Always slothful when walking

Preventive Measures:

–      Reach out for help from families & friends when times are hard

–      Get help from medical practitioners when you notice those signs, don’t wait.

–      Take good care of yourself, eat healthy food, sleep well and regular exercise

–      Improve your self-esteem

–       Have it in mind that if you die, you lose a lot of changes/opportunities to make things right and suicide is not the best answer.

–      Stay away from toxic talks and friends

Guide in helping a depressed person:


A depressed person shows signs to talk but they need the platform too. When you notice the listed symptoms in a person be willing to talk and focus, don’t be distracted, in their conversations, they pour out their minds.

Counsel them to go for therapy:

Another way is directing them to seek help from medical practitioners who have more knowledge about depression and can help them.

Provide financial support:

Not every depressed person can afford the medical bill for therapy, you can support them and also if the cause of their depressed state is money, you can provide financial help.

source: guardian.ng

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