This Is To Everyone Who Said: “Natural Hair Isn’t For Everybody”

Natural hair model

Yes, ladies, this title is for real. I mean, I was shocked too when I heard that comment and to this day, I still don’t understand why. I can’t believe that this is a topic but we have to talk about it.

I was at this college event a couple of years ago and one of the entertainers were calling people out in the audience. One of the girls stood up and the entertainer commented on her natural hair, saying it looked nice.

I remember him saying something like, “Go ahead girl, rocking your natural hair okay!” That was a nice comment. But all of that went out the window when he said, “Listen, y’all, my good sis looking good but not everybody can do this, you know what I mean? Natural hair is NOT for everybody!”

What he meant was that not everyone can pull off natural hair. I know, dumb right? Well let me tell you guys this:

As long as this 4C hair is coming out of my head, it’s definitely a style for me.

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I know we have some awkward stages after the big chop. Learning how to twist, curl, style and match it with accessories and makeup is strange at first. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear out your hair. If I did all of that cutting, you’re definitely going to get whatever comes out of that bonnet whether you like it or not. If that hair is growing out of your head, I would definitely consider your natural hair to be for “everybody,” right?

So, going back to that comment that man-made, did he mean any harm? Well, I can’t really tell you that. Did he end up causing harm? Absolutely, because he sounded ignorant. But that shouldn’t stop you from wearing out your own hair.

If you are feeling uncomfortable about your hair or having big chop regrets, DON’T.

Not everyone grows a full Afro after cutting their hair. You always start small and then work your way up. In this case, you cut your hair short and eventually, it grows. Hair always grows back. In a couple of years (or maybe even months), you will grow a huge head of hair, longer than how your damaged hair was. Soon, you will look back and laugh about how you were worked up over nothing. There’s nothing that isn’t natural about that. That’s like saying God made a mistake, which he never does.

Clearly, everyone’s hair is made for them.


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