Pictures: Never Seen Before Actors And Their Stunt Doubles

A stunt double is a cross between a body double and a stunt performer, specifically a skilled replacement used for dangerous film or video sequences, in movies and television, and for other sophisticated stunts.

Stunt doubles are the real heroes of our favourite films.

It would be unreasonable to think they can jump out of a plane at a moment’s notice.

Here are our favourite characters and their stunt doubles.

  • Bruce Willis

Image result for bruce willis stunt double cast

  • Keanu Reeves

Image result for tom cruise stunt double

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image result for arnold schwarzenegger stunt double

  • Dave Bautista

Image result for Ryan reynolds stunt double

  • Brad Pitt

Image result for brad pitt stunt double

  • Chris Hemsworth

Image result for chris hemsworth stunt double

  • Tom Cruise

Image result for tom cruise stunt double

  • Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Image result for dwayne johnson stunt double

  • Chris Pratt

Image result for chris pratt stunt double

  • Johnny Depp

Image result for johnny depp stunt double

  • Ben Affleck

Image result for ben affleck stunt double

  • Tom Hardy

Image result for Tom hardy stunt double

  • Andrew Garfield

Image result for Andrew garfield stunt double

Striking resemblance huh!

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